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General Overview
PT Kertas Leces is the second oldest paper mill after Padalarang Paper Mill that was established during Dutch occupation in 1939 and started to operate in 1940 with the
capacity of 10 ton/day, producing printed writing paper which utilized rice straw as raw material with soda processing.

After management  was  taken  over  by  Indonesian,   Leces Paper mill has done some physical    development throgh  four  development   stages in  1960 and ended in  1986,  
finally  it  became   integrated  Pulp and Paper  mill.

At the moment its capacity is 640 ton/day that produces various kind of paper such as : printed writing paper (HVS, HVO, Copying Paper, ect),  newsprint paper and industrial

PT Kertas Leces is one of several paper mill in Indonesia, that utilizes recycle paper and sugarcane waste as raw material. This will be PT Kertas Leces ability move toward

Toward  environment  preservation  PT   Kertas   Leces   production   process  utilizes  Soda  Processing   which is unscented  in  making  pulp,  and  in  nishing process  added  by oxygen deligniication   and   supported   by  chemical  recovery  plant   and   alkaline   sizing   paper   machine.  Besides    it   is  suported   by   computerized  high  technology at high  speed  paper machine in order to assure product quality stability.